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Sierra Leone, a nation grappling with a complex web of challenges, stands in need of missionary and humanitarian assistance. The country has faced a history marked by civil unrest and political instability.

The repercussions of these events persist in the form of widespread poverty, limited access to education, and healthcare struggles. The people of Sierra Leone endure the burdens of malnutrition, inadequate infrastructure, and the aftermath of a protracted civil war. In light of these hardships, the introduction of missionary and humanitarian efforts becomes imperative.

In 2024, Samaritan Aid embarks on a new project in Sierra Leone, driven by a profound sense of calling to assist those in need.  The project aims not only to provide essential humanitarian aid but also to share the message of hope through the preaching of the gospel.


By reaching out to schools and churches, Samaritan Aid seeks to empower communities with knowledge, faith, and resources that can catalyze positive change. The envisioned outreach extends beyond immediate relief efforts, emphasizing a long-term commitment to fostering resilience and self-sufficiency. 

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